Project Introduction & Overview

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In Tennessee, Early Childhood Education is administered through three major systems: (1) Head Start/Early Head Start programs, (2)child care programs, (3) state Pre-K programs.  The goal of this project is to promote school readiness by aligning and enhancing the statewide early childhood system of care and education for children ages birth through 5 years.  This grant provides the state the opportunity to reach a state-wide definition of school readiness, confirm core competencies needed by early childhood professionals to support school readiness, and provide recommendations for professional development of the early childhood workforce in the core competencies. These will be accomplished through a collaborative efforts, to include but not limited to the following methodology:

  1. With input from state department representatives, early childhood professionals, and parents develop a recommendation for a statewide definition of school readiness;
  2. Based upon the definition of school readiness, accepted standards and research, and input from early childhood professionals, academic institutions, and various departments of state government, deliver recommendations for core competencies needed by all early childhood professionals;
  3. Evaluate the capacity of the state education system to teach these core competencies to professionals working in Head start, education, child care or early childhood settings;
  4. Based upon the evaluation provide a recommended plan for training existing early childhood professionals on the core competencies and for integrating those core competencies into the state education system and existing training programs.

This blog shall serve as a way to include and engage all stakeholders in the development process.  It shall also serve as a vehicle to provide  project updates as needed. Please feel free to comment and to provide suggestions as we move forward in this initiative.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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